Art & deco

Pépé Grégoire

A strong-minded Dutch sculptor with a vision characterised by the play between contrasts, the mocking of gravity and the boundless experiment, Pépé’s work challenges the beholder. He provokes and arouses and plays deliberately with the known and familiar.

Recurring themes in Pépé Grégoire’s art are Windforce, Arms&Legs and The Human Profile.

His works are often characterised by contrasts in the bronze’s surface: smooth/rough or hard/soft. He loves to explore contradictions within the themes balance and imbalance and juggles shapes in ways that defy gravity. Pépé’s art may be abstract as well as figurative and may reach monumental levels for instance when zooming in on Arms&Legs or Hands&Feet. His sculptures convey fortitude and steadfastness, but above all they radiate tenderness and a sense of humour.

Pépé has recently been working on a brand-new phenomenon in art: Photosculptures; Composed graphic figures set in aluminium with a core of photographic fragments, rolling four art-forms into one: photography, architecture, painting and sculpting.