Green Estate

Have you just bought the house of your dreams? Are you considering a complete makeover of your gardens so that they can be transformed into the pleasure grounds you have always wanted?

What exactly did you have in mind?

How do you envision your ideal garden?

Where does one find the right landscape architect or garden designer?

How do you contract an able and dependable professional gardener to bring your dream to life?

Who will manage the entire project from the drawing table right to the final touches?

Not to worry… leave it in the capable hands of Green Estate.

- Your partner during the creative phase will help you put your wishes into words.
- Will help you find the best landscape architect to fulfill your requirements.
- Assists you in selecting the right gardeners.
- Cuts costs by assisting you in casting a critical eye on any quotations.
- Guarantees efficient planning throughout the entire project.
- Manages the entire project from start to finish.
- Will act as sole representative for all parties involved, saving you from hassle.
- Ensures that you receive the quality of service and products that you paid for, leaving your hands free.
- Can tap into an extensive network of gardening professionals with a wide array of specialities.

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler”
Albert Einstein